Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) can be a test of patience at times because it is more prone to adversely affect your hands and knees. This is due to the fact that these joints contribute the most in living a healthy and carefree lifestyle hence undergoing intensive wear and tear. Since Rheumatoid Arthritis has an accumulative effect on your joints and muscles so it is mostly associated to swelling and stiffness of the joints and muscles that can cause a lot of discomfort.

Here are some helpful tips that can back you up as you take on RA:

Use Support:

RA targets your commonly used joints as a first priority so your order of priorities should be the same as you should start off by fending for your primary joints i.e. your hands, elbows and, knee caps. This can only be accomplished with the assistance of any support system. Now using a cane might be effective for a lot of people but you can also use hand rails or support chains while getting off the toilet.

Exercise Regularly:

Exercise can be the key to a healthy lifestyle but while facing a tedious disorder such as RA, it can help you recover faster by keeping your joints moving and in a healthy state. This not only stalls the progress of your disease but also accommodates a healthier pattern to your life as the more you work out, the better and more independent you will feel.

Avoid Excessive Weight:

Obesity is one of the primary contributing factors to RA whereas excessive weight would only pose as a hindrance to your daily life activities. Constantly keeping your weight in check would preserve your joints in the long run from any sort of additional burden that they might have to bear while minimizing the risk of any injuries.

Ease the Pain:

RA is directly associated with experiencing pain as your joints are all being attacked but there are numerous ways that you can use to ease the pain. Painkillers might the immediate way of doing so but painkillers can’t be used on a daily basis as they are generally recommended for occasional use whereas you can always use ice packs or take warm baths every day to keep things under control.

Get Regular Checkups:

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disease that demands immediate and regular attention with intervals. Now it would be highly problematic if you try to self-medicate therefore it is recommended that you consult an orthopedic professional to avoid any sort of permanent harm to your joints. With professional help, you can also inquire about various aspects and the dos and don’ts of your disease without having to worry about it.

The above mentioned tips have been tested and tried to suit every RA patient’s needs and to cater to their immediate care and well-being.