Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is more likely to affect your hands and feet first as it is an autoimmune disease but considering the latest medical advancements of today, it can be dealt with quite efficiently. Now having an insight about your disease will only guide you in tackling it more efficiently while promoting your overall recovery.

Here are nine of the questions that you should be asking the doctor on your next visit regarding your condition:

  1. Is there anything that I can do to help myself through RA?
  2. Will it spread or get worse?
  3. Can I try to contain or control it?
  4. What are my medications and how long do I have to take them?
  5. How and when should I take my meds?
  6. What if I experience sudden pain? How do I reduce it?
  7. Are there any important symptoms that I should look out for?
  8. Are there any side effects of my medications that I should be aware of?
  9. Is there any other disorder that might be directly associated with it?

Getting the answers to the above mentioned concerns would not only expose to you to a different dimension of your condition but it would also promote a sense of awareness that can help you as well as enable you to help other patients with RA.